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What Are a Squirrel's Mating Habit?

Squirrel mating habit can be explained based on the specie. Each specie normally exhibit unique mating habit. Some Ohio squirrels female species are known to be promiscuous as they can mate with more than 14 male squirrels of same species in a single day. They are always ready to mate with any male that is ready and sexually active to play with them. So, since all male Akron squirrels are always ready for sex during the mating season, the female normally end up mating with as many male as possible come their way.

The Mating Habit of Squirrels
The winter season is normally the mating season for Ohio squirrels and also knows as their most active season of the year. More so, for the gray squirrel the mating season normally take place two types each year. It normally starts from December to February for the first mating season and the second will kick off from June down to August. During the mating season the female will become receptive and her scent will signal to the male Akron squirrel as far as 500 meters. The available male will struggle with each other for chance of mating with the female squirrel.

When Do Squirrels Give Birth to Young Ones?
After mating season the conceived female Ohio squirrel will become pregnant and the gestation period normally differ base on the specie. The gray squirrel's gestation period normally last for45 days and they will give birth to their babies in drey or in next if anyone is available. Each liter will contain about 2-4 babies and some time they can born eight at a time. The young Akron squirrels are born hairless, blind, deaf and completely helpless.

How Does Squirrel Raise Its Young Ones?
After copulation or mating, the male Akron squirrels do not have any further business to do with the female as they normally go on their ways for the female to cater for the pregnancy and young babies. Then after birth, the mother squirrel will ensure that it does not go far away while foraging for food. It will always keep coming back to breast feed the young and ensure that they are safe from predator. They can be aggressive and harmful when they predator coming close to their young.

The Weaning Of Young Squirrel in the Nest
Mother Ohio squirrels normally care for their young by breast feed them up to 7 weeks before they will be weaned. The weaning normally take place 7 to 8 weeks and after that the young ones will be allowed to stay with their mother for some more weeks before they will be independent to cater for themselves and avoid predators.

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