Do Opossums Make Good Pets?

When we find an Akron opossum and decided to keep it with us, there will be a great chance that we cannot let go of them when they grow up, because as the months and years go by, we are learning to love them, loving them as a part of our family and our lives. We watched them grow up, we are their parents for some time. If we take good care of them opossums will love us also, letting them go after few months of taking care of them will be hard for us and also for them. Because of that, sometimes we thought; why not take them as a pet? But if I do take it as a pet, does it make a good pet?

Some people say Ohio opossums should never be considered to be a pet because:
• They are filthy. Opossums are scavengers.
They eat carcasses of dead animals or eat rotten food. They also attack trash bins in search for food which will make their surroundings messy.
• It carries bacteria and viruses. Since they are filthy, people expect them to carry bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases to humans like rats do.
• Opossums are dangerous and can bite people. Yes, they are dangerous it will bite you because this marsupial has 50+ teeth and would crush your flesh and bones in a short span of time.
• They are hard to tame. Since these are wild Ohio animals, opossums can be very shy and stay away from people. They are the type of animal that naturally needs privacy and hard to get along with.
• It can ruin your house. Opossums build their homes in woods, so if you have a wooden house or shed, it expected that some opossums would take it as a home too.

Those reasons above are some opinions that people expressed about taking an opossum as a pet, and some are true. But, opossums can be a good pet if you will take a baby opossum first. Baby opossums will be domesticated and cleaned as they grow up with proper supervision and care. Getting and adult Akron opossum as a pet would be disastrous. It would be much better if you will not take an opossum as a pet, because those creatures are meant to be wild and should stay in the wild. That is their natural environment. There would be instances that even though you already trained it, sometimes it's natural attitudes would still show, because that is what they are and we could do nothing about it. Being in the Ohio wild is the best home that they can get.

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