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Should You Hire a Pro, or Remove Opossums Yourself?

Opossums usually pose no threat to anyone. Even when approached by a human, they mostly tend to “play dead”. But, there always are exceptions. There are two reasons why an Akron opossum would cause you harm. First, in self-defense, an opossum will try to attack you and make his escape. This scenario is when you have successfully captured an Ohio opossum in a trap, and you are now making your way to get rid of it. Or, another scenario explains this reason too.

An Ohio opossum has successfully infiltrated your property and is going through your garbage cans. You close the garbage can, to keep the opossum inside so you can drop it off away from your home. When the garbage can is opened, the opossum certainly wouldn't be too pleased. It will sense danger, and naturally, attack the person it fears that will cause it harm. The second reason why an opossum would cause you harm, is because it is diseased. Some diseases that an Akron opossum can carry include toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, Chagas disease, leptospirosis, trichomoniasis, spotted fever, relapsing fever, coccidiosis and tularemia. Opossums may also be infested with mites, fleas, lice and ticks. They are hosts for dog and cat fleas, especially in urban environments.

The most reported (by people) disease to be carried out by such mammals is Rabies. Any Akron mammal can get rabies. However, the chances for an opossum to have rabies are extremely rare. But, why should we risk our lives and our loved ones' based just on the idea that it is extremely rare? If a mammal has rabies he/she/it shows the following signs:

-Drooling excessively
-Biting or snapping at imaginary and real objects
-Wild animals appear to be tame
-Wild animals do not fear humans
-Partially paralyzed
-Mutilating oneself
-Acting disoriented
-Appearing drunk or wobbly

If you find the above mentioned signs or even some of them in an Akron possum, then waste no time in contacting the animal support nearest to your home. It would be best for everyone, to make sure that a diseased animal is escorted away from the people, probably to a vet. This way, you'll save yourself from the danger, also your loved ones and possibly your neighbors and even bystanders, as well.

In the light of the aforementioned points, it is clear that one shouldn't take any risks, and let the Ohio professionals do what they do best. If you've caught a possum, or have spotted one in your territory, it would be best if you informed the animal control about it as soon as possible. They do have the proper equipment to successfully catch the Akron mammal and take it away.

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