What Should I Do if I Find a Nest of Squirrels in My Attic?

Ohio squirrels make their nests out of sticks and leaves from trees. You can easily notice their nests if you find leaves and sticks that were bonded together like those of birds' nest. It's just that squirrels' nests are bigger. Usually, they build their nests on holes of trees or below the ground. They also love to stay on the surface or edge of the attics of high buildings, even at the attics of your home. It is really quite disturbing if you have some squirrels nesting on your attic, but unlike mice, Akron squirrels do not like to always run around creating those disgusting noise. They just like to stay on the corners or edges of the attics and stay or sleep on their nests, while feeling the humidity of the warm temperature.

Squirrels, commonly the mothers often times seek high places such as in attics where they can stay when they have their new born babies. One reason is because they are protecting their young ones from predators that can be found below the ground. Just like other animals, mother Akron squirrels would do anything to protect their babies.

You want to eliminate them from your attics?
On other side, when you are deciding to remove these Ohio creatures from your attics, you must also consider removing their nests. You can remove the nests using your hands (use gloves), then vacuum the droppings, poops or any food residues that they left behind. If Akron squirrels were not able to find their nest where they left it, they will look for another place to stay. If you find no nests but there are baby squirrels, just remove the babies or relocate it to another safe place away from your attic. The mother squirrel will surely look hard for her children and this will help you to also eliminate the mother from your attic.

Squirrels are pro climbers that's why you can often see them staying on high places such as in attics. Another reason why they stay on high places is because they like warm temperature which makes them feel good and more comfortable. If you have these rodents on your attics, you may start building a trap or find their nest and take it away or relocate it; these will help you to free your Akron home from them. Just remember, do not kill these wild creatures, because it will never be right.

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